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We assist your team's decision making with the independent input they need.

Innovation is a central pillar in many government strategies. We help governmental bodies evaluate and understand the most significant commercial and societal opportunities in engineering and physics-based science. Having worked for government organisations, we know the data and information needed to shape innovation policies, and our good connection to industry and science institutions enables us to obtain them.

  • Sector review and ecosystem Mapping
  • Roadmapping and technology review
  • Data analytics

We assist you in meeting your commercialisation, technology translation & impact targets.

Translating science excellence into commercial and societal impact can be a challenge - we help universities, RTO's and individual academics identify commercial opportunities and develop a take-to-market strategy, connect them to industry or spin out their technologies. We assist in identifying market trends and innovation funding. The Anchored In team builds on its significant expertise in academic technology translation, spin-out and entrepreneurship, including running business incubators for ESA and CERN.

  • Connect with buisnesses
  • Commercialisation & start-up training
  • Market evaluation & due diligence
  • Access to innovation funding

Innovation is difficult – we want you to use our past mistakes as your experience

We help your company bringing your innovation to market Innovation is about doing something new, and of value to a specific customer or market. Innovation exists along a scale, from direct improvements to current products and processes all the way to the almost mythical disruptive innovation. We help companies express, what value they bring to their customers, what funding is available for it and how to innovate and connect them with other people, companies and organisations to speed up the time projects take, reduce the cost of innovation and improve the market fit. We help companies to understand what grant they should be applying for and how to tell a compelling story to secure grant funding for your project

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We help you find and tell your investment story to the investors that matter

Many entrepreneurs seek investment to fund their company growth. We will work with you to make sure that this is the right form of funding for your company and what other alternatives their might be for you and your company. We will help you tell your story to the right investors with clarity and ease. We will connect you to the investors that we expect will find opportunity. We will help you understand the feedback you get when you go pitching.

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Supporting orgs

We assist you in identifying innovation opportunities and evaluating your organisation's impact potential.

Like you, we are passionate about positively changing the world that we live in. We help organisations explore which positive changes they can make and provide crucial evidence to their stakeholders showing this impact.

  • Industry engagement and reach-out
  • Market and eco-system mapping
  • Innovation strategy
  • Impact evaluation
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UK Quantum Start-Up report

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Our network of experts

No Project is an island, use our network to move your project forward

The team at Anchored In is varied and well connected. When we need additional expertise to deliver results in line with our high standards, we will augment our team with external experts whose quality of work and ethics align with ours. Over the years, we have worked with several very talented people we can draw on. Use the power of our connections to drive your project forward.

What we do
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