We have seen ideas fail, investments wasted, and the wrong things backed.

We have seen people walk the same path again and again with diminishing results, not picking up on changes that will impact their future.

We are here to stop that.
We will be turning ideas into viable businesses, by connecting technology with market needs and supply chains

We will highlight unicorns to investors and funders.

We will help institutions and governments to identify the next big areas to back.

Put all together we want to achieve the biggest positive impact for people and organisations, society and nations.


Anke Lohmann

I created Anchored In because I have seen the difference that good advice and support made to me over the years. I have also seen how a good understanding of industry has shaped government support and policy for the better.  My company up sits at the cross roads of industry, academia and government policy.

Anchored In will always be the honest broker, always in for the long term, proud of the work we do, as well as the mistakes and blind paths we stop others from following.

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Ian Tracey

I have seen the whole innovation journey from the lab bench, through marketing, technology scouting, investment, start-ups, big science, national and international policy. I use this experience to make sure that the companies I work with succeed. My experience is your avoided mistakes, my network is your network.

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Programme Director

Nicola Musgrove

I am passionate about helping micro, small and growing businesses to gain access to suitable funding to bring their innovations and business ideas to life. I am not a "Yes-woman." I will ask the often uncomfortable questions to help business leaders truly understand their business, its strengths and weaknesses and work with them to bring their ideas into the real world.

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What we do

We promote innovation by assisting your team

Innovation can be the backbone of growth both for companies, and by extension, the society that we live in. Anchored In works across the innovation system, helping companies understand what funding is best for them, grants, loans or investment. We help government and other innovation actors understand how to best support regions or sectors, and collect the evidence of interventions to plan for the future.

We believe in the sharing of our knowledge and connections to help drive innovation and society forward.

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What we do
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