We’re Anchored In
responsible innovation.

What we do

Achieving the biggest positive impact for people and organisations, society and nations.

We help companies, academics and entrepreneurs to explore markets and funding opportunities, bringing their ideas into commercial practice.

We help funders, support agencies, and governmental bodies to maximise their innovation investments and achieve their strategic goals such as higher returns, growth and addressing societal challenges.

Who we are

If you are taking an unfamiliar route, it is best to ask people who have been on the journey.

Our team at Anchored In has first-hand experience in starting their own business, evaluating new technologies and taking them to market.

We have successfully secured investments. We have explored, initiated and written innovation strategies. We have carried out innovation assessments.

We helped to build consortia and explored market opportunities for our client’s technologies.

What we do

Using our knowledge and network to deliver better insights

By engaging with the whole innovation system we can deliver better insights and advice to all our clients.

We believe that by leveraging these relationships and interventions in the innovation system we’ll all achieve the biggest positive impact for people, organisations and society as a whole.

What people say
“Ian has drive, enthusiasm and commitment to collaboration and innovation, and has real insight into the needs of young and growing companies.”
What people say
“I’m honestly, quite blown away. This level of feedback is so over and above what I expected I’m very humbled by your efforts.”
What people say
“Anchored In were instrumental in crafting our routes to market  at ASPECT Success Accelerator, a great understanding of our Social Venture needs and value proposition. It was serious fun to work with them as a team.”
What people say
“Outstanding at expressing my technology it in a way that others easily understood. They then secured interest from customers and positively impacted product development.”
What people say
“They know about what an investor is expecting from a pitch. A real help on the mental framing for a successful pitch”
What people say
“I found Anchored In to be a critical but sage advisor. We were delighted with the support we received from Anchored In and, as a result, will continue to work with them on our journey to achieve funding to further expand the business.”